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[Guidelines No. 01, s. 2002]



1.  Six copies of the application for approval of MCLE activity/program (MCLE/program (MCLE For, 02) shall be filed with the MCLE office 45 days prior to the presentation of the activity.  The MCLE office is located n the 4th Floor, IBP Building, 15 Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  Application shall include the Program Agenda/Announcement brochures with program details; Curriculum Vitae of each of the Speakers; and a summary of each lecture and its subject classification under Rule 2, Bar Matter 850 and under En Banc Resolution of the Supreme Court dated 15 January 2002, to wit:


                                 MCLE Subjects                                        Credit Units

(a) Legal Ethics                                                    6 CU

(b) Trial and Pre-Trial Skills                                 4 CU

(c) Alternative Dispute Resolution                       5 CU

(d) Updates on Substantive and Procedural 

Laws and Jurisprudence                          9 CU

(e) Legal Writing and Oral Advocacy                   4 CU

(f) International Law and International 

Conventions                                                2 CU

(g) MCLE Prescribed Subjects                            6 CU


1. Technology and the Law

2. Law and Economics

3. Environmental Law

4. International Legal Processes

5. Transnational Business Transactions

6. Law Reforms in Specific Areas of Law

7. Law as a Means of Social Control


2. The venue shall be suitable for a legal education activity, adequate to accommodate the expected number of participants, accessible to a public transportation system, and free from any disturbances.


3.  Upon the approval of the application, the MCLE Office shall issue a sample of the Attendance Form and of the Evaluation Form to the Provider for reproduction and distribution to the lawyer-participants before the start of the program.  At the end of the program, the participants/attendees shall individually submit their Attendance to the Program Monitor.  No credit units shall be awarded to an attendee who fails to submit his Attendance Form to the Program Monitor.


4.  The Provider should avoid scheduling the activity on a religious holiday.


5.  All MCLE activities shall be conducted substantially as announced and represented to the Committee (with respect to the date, time venue, assigned speaker/s, topics, and the subjects of the lectures or activities).  The MCLE Committee should be informed in advance and in writing of any changes/deviations from the information in the Application Form (MCLE Form 02).


6.  The Provider shall encourage the speaker/lecturer to use visual aids/projector for a more lively presentation and to generate interest among the participants.


7.  The Provider shall give the hand-outs/reading materials to the participants before the start of the lecture.


8.  For an approved day-long activity, the Provider shall consider coffee breaks (at least one in the morning and one in the afternoon) to give the participants some time to stretch-out, relax, and be ready for the succeeding lecture/s.


9.  The Provider shall allow, without prior notice, the MCLE Committee or its designated representative to monitor any approved activity.


10.  In case of cancellation of an activity without sufficient advance notice to the Committee, the Provider shall reimburse the transportation and other expenses that may have been incurred by the MCLE Representative to monitor the activity.


11.  The Provider shall furnish a numbered Identification Card/Name Tag to all the participants and require them to wear the same at all times during the activity/program to enable the Monitor to check the ingress and egress of participants from the room while an activity is in progress.  A participant must leave with the Monitor his Name Tag whenever he leaves the lecture hall.  The Monitor shall note therein the time of egress and ingress.


12.  Prior to the start of the program, the Provider shall request the participants to read and follow the guidelines for Participants printed on the back of the attendance form.


13.  Within 30 days after each MCLE activity, the Provider shall submit a report containing a summary of the program, its evaluation of the program, lecturers, an alphabetical listing of attendees with their corresponding IBP Number and Number in the Roll of Attorneys, and pay the activity/program fee of P100.00 per participant/attendee per day of activity, including repetitions of the same program.  The provider shall reconcile its list of participants with that of the Program Monitor based on the attendance forms submitted.


14.  Government educational institutions, offices, and IBP Chapters accredited as MCLE Providers, shall pay to the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Committee a fee of P500.00 per day of MCLE activity/program, payable upon the filing of the application for approval of the activity/program (MCLE Form 02).  The fees shall be assessed by the treasurer of the MCLE in writing and shall be paid to the cashier of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, Padre Faura Street, Ermita, Manila. 


15.  The MCLE Committee shall compute the credit units earned by a participant on the basis of “one credit unit for every hour of lecture actually attended rounded to the nearest quarter of an hour.”


APPROVED THIS 12TH day of August 2002, in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.


MCLE Committee Chairperson
(Orig. Sgd.)

MCLE Committee Member
(Orig. Sgd.)


MCLE Committee Member
(Orig. Sgd.)

MCLE Committee Member
(Orig. Sgd.)

MCLE Committee Member
(Orig. Sgd.)