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Friendly Reminders to Participants of the First 2004 MCLE Lecture Series
DON’T BE TARDY.  Please come at least 30 minutes before the scheduled lecture, in order to avoid the hassle of waiting in line to register. Most importantly, coming in late may mean point deduction from your credit hour/unit for a given subject by the official MCLE Monitors assigned to this Lecture Series by the Supreme Court MCLE Committee.


1. I. D. CARDS FOR 36-CREDIT UNIT PARTICIPANTS.  Each 36-credit unit participant will be provided an orange-colored I.D. Card which is good for the entire 6-day MCLE Lecture Series.

2. I. D. CARDS FOR THE PER-SUBJECT PARTICIPANTS.  Participants who did not avail of the whole 36 units will be given a different color-coded I.D. Card for each of the six-day MCLE Lecture Series.  The I.D. Card will be given when the Per-Subject Participant registers for the day.  In the I.D. Card, there will be either 2 boxes (for Friday sessions) or 4 boxes (for Saturday sessions).  Each box represents the particular subject/s the participant has enrolled in on a certain day.  Any shaded box/es represent/s the particular subject/s to which the participant is actually enrolled in for that day.  

WEARING OF I.D. CARD.  Please wear your I.D. Card at all times while inside the lecture hall.  Whenever you leave the lecture hall, you must leave your I.D. Card with any of the MCLE Monitors.   Don’t stay too long outside the Lecture Hall.  The MCLE Monitors may deduct points from your credit hour/unit for a given subject.

ATTENDANCE FORM.  Right after you register, please secure your official MCLE ATTENDANCE FORM from the MCLE Monitors’ Booth which is conveniently located at the entrance of the lecture hall.
ATTENDANCE OF PER-SUBJECT PARTICIPANTS. Due to the limited seating capacity, Per-Subject Participants are expected to leave the lecture hall after the lecture they are enrolled in is finished, in order to give way to the participants of the succeeding lecture. Our staff are under instruction to courteously approach any participant whose I.D. Card indicates that he/she is not enrolled in the on-going lecture.  

SIGNING OF MCLE ATTENDANCE FORMS BY THE MCLE MONITORS. The Rules require that the MCLE Monitor/s should sign the MCLE ATTENDANCE FORM after every lecture.  For everyone’s convenience, instead of the participants forming a line towards the MCLE Monitors’ Booth for this purpose, we have requested the MCLE Monitors to do the rounds by individually approaching each participant (while he/she remains seated) to sign the MCLE ATTENDANCE FORM.  The MCLE Monitors will do the rounds at least fifteen (15) minutes before the end of every lecture.  To avoid confusing the MCLE Monitors, please remain seated while the whole process of signing is going on.  

LECTURE NOTES.  Lecture notes of every Lecturer will be distributed at the beginning of every lecture.

SEMINAR BAG AND KIT.  Every participant shall be provided with a Seminar Bag containing the Seminar Kit and other relevant paraphernalia. 

CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE. The Certificate of Attendance will be released later to every participant by the ChanRobles LawNet after approval by the Supreme Court MCLE Committee.


1. Sit-down snacks/lunch.  Food will be served by waiters.  So, participants are not expected to line up for their snacks or lunch.

2. Food Stubs.  Food Stubs for the day will be distributed upon registration.
3. Entitlement to Food Stubs.  

a. For 36-unit Participants. – Entitled to all the Food Stubs for snacks and/or lunch allotted for the day for each participant.

b. For Per-Subject Participants. – 

- Friday Sessions:  Only the participants for the first lecture are entitled to the afternoon snacks.

- Saturday Sessions:  

a. Only participants in the first morning lecture are entitled to the morning snacks;

b. Only participants in the second morning lecture are entitled to lunch meal;

c. Only participants in the first afternoon lecture are entitled to the afternoon snacks.

d. Participants in the second afternoon lecture are not entitled to any after-session snacks/meal.

4.  Coffee and Water Stations.  Coffee and water shall be available in designated areas within the lecture hall.  Participants may avail of it for free anytime.

CELLPHONES, PAGERS, ETC. Please turn-off or put on silent mode during lectures your mobile phones, pagers and/or similar devices which may unduly distract/disrupt the conduct of the lecture.

NO SMOKING inside the lecture hall.  Smoke only in the designated areas of the building premises.

Please avoid loitering around the lecture hall during lectures.

Please feel free to approach any of our personnel (identified by their uniform and I.D.) in case you have any queries or questions.

Thank you!

ChanRobles LawNet, Inc.