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What is MCLE?

Credit Units -  The measure of compliance with the MCLE requirement under the Rules based on the category of the lawyer’s participation in the MCLE activity.

Credit Hours - Actual time spent in an education activity (actual instruction, speaking time or participation) computed in hours to the nearest one-quarter hour (15 minutes) reported in decimals.

Minimum Education Requirement

Every member of the IBP must complete at least thirty-six (36) credit units of mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) every three (3) years during the compliance period. The subjects are divided as follows:

MCLE Subjects     Credit Units

a.  Legal Ethics - 6 cu
b.  Trial and Pre-Trial Skills - 4 cu
c.  Alternative Dispute Resolution - 5 cu
d. Updates on Substantive and Procedural Laws and Jurisprudence - 9 cu
e. Legal Writing and Oral Advocacy -  4 cu
f. International Law and International Conventions- 2 cu
g. MCLE Prescribed Subjects  - 6 cu

    1. Technology and the Law
    2. Law and Economics
    3. Environmental Law
    4. International Legal Processes
    5. Transnational Business Transactions
    6. Law Reforms in Specific Areas
    7. Law as a Means Of Social Control

Compliance Period

The initial compliance period shall be from April 15, 2001 up to April 14, 2004. All succeeding compliance periods shall begin the day after the end of the preceding compliance period. The initial compliance period for members newly admitted or readmitted to the IBP shall begin on the first day of the month of admission or readmission and end on the same day as that of all other members.

Computation of Credit Units

o Credit units will be given only for the time spent in legal education activities which have been previously approved by the Committee and conducted by an accredited provider.

o Every approved education activity shall be conducted for at least one hour. However, if it should exceed one hour, one-half credit unit shall be given for every half hour beyond the initial hour.

Compliance Procedure

I. Each member shall secure from the MCLE Committee a Compliance Card before the end of his compliance period.

II. The member shall complete the card by attesting under oath that he has complied with the education requirement or that he is exempt.

III. Such compliance card must be returned to the Committee not later than the day after the end of the member’s compliance period.

What Constitutes Non-Compliance

I. Failure to complete the education requirement within the compliance period;

II. Failure to provide attestation of compliance or exemption;
III. Failure to provide satisfactory evidence of compliance within the prescribed period;

IV. Failure to satisfy the education requirement and furnish evidence of such compliance within sixty (60) days from receipt of non-compliance notice;

V. Failure to pay non-compliance fee within the prescribed period;

VI. Any other act or omission analogous to any of the foregoing or intended to circumvent or evade compliance with the MCLE requirements.

* Members failing to comply will receive a Non-Compliance Notice and will be given sixty (60) days from the date of notification to file a response clarifying the deficiency or otherwise showing compliance with the requirements.

** Members given sixty (60) days to respond to a Non-Compliance Notice may use this period to attain the adequate number of credit units for compliance.

*** Credit units earned during the sixty (60) day period may only be counted toward compliance with the prior compliance period requirement unless units in excess may be counted toward meeting the current compliance period requirement.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

o A member who fails to comply with the requirements after the sixty (60) day period for compliance has expired shall be listed as a delinquent member of the IBP and shall not be permitted to practice law until such time as adequate proof of compliance is received by the MCLE Committee.
o A member who shall be listed as delinquent shall pay a non-compliance fee of P1,000.

Reinstatement for Members Declared as Delinquent

o A member involuntarily listed as delinquent shall only be reinstated upon proof of compliance with the MCLE requirement, including payment of compliance fee.


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Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Implementing Regulations (Effective December 01, 2001)

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